this evening’s rage…who is she?

this evening’s rage…who is she?

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piratepirate wip2A couple of works in progress from a new painting I started this evening. Working from a recent sketch/figure study. You can see the original sketch here.

Working in ArtRage, I imported the sketch into a new layer and just started blocking in some colour underneath. My initial idea was for a bit of a pirate character but she’s looking a bit more cowgirl for the moment…

I would like to give the composition a bit of a twist. Currently thinking a typical peaceful sunset look but then some more sinister elements in the shadows to give some mystery and background to the character. Open to your suggestions! Comment with how you think the scene should be set…what’s her back story?

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    Look up some images of assasins creed black flag, loads of pirate related ideas if you choose to take that path

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