Rotting Monarchs

Artwork developed for “Rotting Monarchs”, a punk/hardcore style band based in York, North Yorkshire. Initial concepts sketched by hand and reviewed by the band were then scanned in to work over in Adobe Illustrator. We aimed to create an un-refined, grungy, b-side horror style graphic. Modern design processes with a nod towards classic punk aesthetics such as the bright contrasting colours. After the initial ideas had been reviewed by the band, I created a slightly more refined sketch in ArtRage, referencing the original sketches against the typography for better proportions. I then loosely traced the drawing in Adobe Illustrator with just the basic bush set, using my Wacom tablet. The character design was finished off with some hints of texturing to tie it with the typeface.

  • Project Band Logo
  • Skills Sketching, ArtRage, Illustrator
  • Year 2017