new pencils…new sketches

new pencils…new sketches

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Something light for a Friday evening…

Thought I’d share a couple of recent doodles from my sketchbooks. I have been working on my website a bit this week to add in some new illustrations and sketches. You can see more new sketches here.

I recently bought some¬†Derwent Onyx pencils to test out and in short, they are my new favourite. Derwent describes them as “our blackest graphite pencil, even darker than a 9B!.” Though I would have to disagree, they require a considerable amount of pressure for the those tones but are a fantastic sketching pencil. The key benefit is the harder graphite which provides a lasting point and is very smooth to draw with.

The pack comes with 4 pencils – 2 medium and 2 dark. The difference between them is slight so I’ve tended to do most sketching with the a medium and then keep a sharp dark one to add detail and depth in shadows, allowing for a relatively full range of tones from just 2 pencils. The ‘lead’ is also quite thick, so you can keep one a bit more blunt for smooth shading.

So …not quite as they are marketed but definitely worth adding to your tool set.



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