Is your business smart? Time to suit up!

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This post comes inspired from a recent casual discussion about the value of print aesthetic and significance of opting for a higher quality print materials, when I was presented with:

“But people don’t remember you for your business card.”

As a graphic designer and illustrator this was akin to telling a musician that tone is insignificant, but it did make me question the value of a good business card. Do the majority of people just pass over them? Is a business card just a means to an end?

In the current economy it can seemingly be more difficult to convince the importance of print presentation. Printing budgets are slashed, paper is thinner and quality overlooked in favour of faster turnaround and minimal outlay. Particularly when so many companies are shifting their budget to push online marketing or updating their site and with good reason – it is no secret that taking advantage of social networking, responsive web design and the ‘mobile generation’ is very important right now.

The opposition to this came from a couple of recent client projects completed together where budget was still a consideration but not the ruling factor. Having studied different print techniques and an artistic education, I am always keen to push the value of quality print finishing and use of texture when appropriate and it can be all too familiar hearing “we really like the creative ideas but this time we just want to get a large batch for the best price.” A breath of fresh air then to be printing something a little more luxury….

Presentation quality reflects care in your work

So what does this have to do with a memorable business card? I would say question is what is the purpose of a business card?

In short, your business card is frequently your first point of brand identity shared with any potential client. It is a billboard for the responsive new site you’re building, the appearance of your company logo, the first impression they get feeling it in a jacket pocket looking for a number to call and the free advert when it is passed onto a business partner. So in way, no, people might not remember you directly for your business card but they will surely find it again if there is reason. When they come looking, that thicker-textured card stock, hot foil signature or creative layout design can make a significant difference against a pocketful of standard cards. Showing you care about quality in presentation reflects your care in attention to work detail.

If your corporate identity doesn’t look smart, why wear a suit to the office?

Think outside the box and a business card can be truly memorable… but more on that later.

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